What's next for Monsoon.

Our team joins Capital One.

By Sandeep Sood


It really began that simply. While eating lamb shawarma at our favorite spot in Berkeley one day, a few friends and I decided to pool our resources and start building digital products together.

In the years that followed, this team of close friends grew Monsoon from a team of four (me, Ankush Gera, Neil Tolani, and Rishi Mehta) to over seventy consultants around the world. In addition, we started the fastest growing gaming company in India, an animation studio, and even a startup that turns heartbeats into music--but Monsoon always stayed at the heart of our endeavors.

The goal at Monsoon was never to scale for the sake of scaling; we were just never that interested in comparing company size with other entrepreneurs at cocktail parties. Instead, we focused on quality and culture. Our goal was to make Monsoon a place where people enjoyed each other just as much as they loved their work. I'm more proud of our culture than any project we've ever worked on; and, it seems that we weren't the only ones who valued what we built.

Today, I am proud to announce that Monsoon has been acquired by Capital One.

Why are we selling to a bank? Shouldn't we be going to an electric car company or to a sexy hardware startup? We don't think so. During the past few years, the way we understand money has begun to change at the most fundamental levels, and of course, financial technology is at the heart of this change. Capital One understands that banking is ripe for transformation and we are deeply excited to be joining them to deliver bold, breakthrough transformations that will help people connect with their finances in new, meaningful and delightful ways.

When it comes to banks, Capital One is a startup. They were founded in 1988, making them the only top ten US bank that was founded after 1900. Back in the 90s, they were the first bank to use complex data sets to better understand their customers. Remarkably, Capital One is still founder-lead, which is one of the things we feel made them a deeply passionate client and partner to Monsoon.

Going in-house also intrigued our team. Agencies like Monsoon are excellent places to hone your skills as a developer or designer. Our team has worked with everyone from major universities to iconic entertainment brands. They have been expected to execute repeatedly, against impossible timelines and project goals. Agency work can be incredibly fulfilling, but we were ready for a new kind of challenge. We were interested in seeing what would happen if we could spend years focused on a core set of products.

I'm also excited to announce that the show will go on for our current customers. Today marks day one for Kunai, a rebranded agency composed of a portion of the Monsoon team that is not going over with the acquisition.

And for our marketing clients, RainFactory will be moving to a new office in Oakland, but will continue to work on ground-breaking crowdfunding campaigns and long-term digital marketing strategy.

Finally, a deep thank you to the clients, former employees, partners, and well-wishers who have supported us over the years.

None of this would have happened without you. Much love.

RainFactory handles technical marketing for eCommerce companies, Fortune 500 corporations, and some of the world's largest crowdfunding campaigns. Our award-winning team can help with marketing strategy, digital advertising, and social media.

Kunai is a team of designers, developers, and product managers focused on getting ideas off the whiteboard and into the hands of your customers. We are carrying on the legacy of the Monsoon methodology and approach to software product development.